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Designed and used by Norwegians.

Cooltools isn't simply innovation for the heat pump installer or distributor - we are designing our products alongside them. Norwegian conditions require Norwegian quality levels, and we have therefore developed innovative solutions for the entire business segment in close cooperation with our most valued customers.

The Story Thus Far

Our employees boast solid experience in the field of climate control and HVAC, but a dedicated Cooltools project was initiated in 2019. After countless enquiries asking for more robust and flexible installation equipment we realised that our customers wanted tailor-made products tuned against the unforgiving Norwegian climate, and then quickly identified a demand in the market which had yet to be met.

Consequently, we initiated several processes and trials with industrial designers, potential suppliers, and focus groups. In 2020 our first product was finally launched - Cooltools Easy Installer - where the initial batch from our factories in South Africa sold out even before the container reached Norwegian waters. New variants of the vibration damper have since been added to the portfolio, all the while we are making good progress with our next design - Cooltools Easy Tent.

Why Cooltools?

Our main focus will always be securing the absolute best quality of products, whilst ensuring competitive pricing domestically and internationally. In addition we seek to meet specific market demands through user-propelled innovation, founded in safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable value chains. Cooltools will always play ball with the customer, where we aim to identify the needs and wants voiced by AC installers in the field, and then offer equipment which alleviates those wishes at reasonable prices.

«When we deliver quality heat pumps, we must also deliver quality equipment – those are intertwined!»

Kjell Høydal, Telemark Energispar AS

Easy Tent

Easy Tent is a sturdy and water proof installation tent, built on self-supporting structural design without loose bars. Allows for maximum daylight penetration, and is extremely easy to erect and dismantle. Delivered with customised transportation bag.

Easy Installer

Easy Installer is a revolutionary vibration damper with an adjustable end cap. The product significantly reduces noise and vibrations throughout the building or structure, and is made with galvanised steel ensuring sustained quality year after year.

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