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Stainless. Adjustable. Flexible.

Easy Installer is a revolutionary vibration damper with adjustable end cap. The product markedly reduces vibrations throughout buildings, and comes in stainless steel for durability and longevity.

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Easy Installer is an extremely flexible vibration damper, boasting a market leading suspension gradient of between 74 and 84mm (approximately 2.9 and 3.3") at suspension loads between 20 and 40kg (approximately 44 and 88 lb). This produces a rate of 0.5mm / kg (approximately 0.01" / lb), which ensures generous potential for damping, even at high loads.

Cooltools Easy Installer Adjustable Vibration Damper

This revolutionary vibration damper from Cooltools is conceived and developed in close cooperation with Norwegian HVAC-installers. Its design, features, materials and finish are therefore aimed at meeting the demanding conditions of polar environments, ensuring lasting durability. Where traditional rubber dampers corrode or disintegrate after only a few years of use, we guarantee that the stainless Cooltools Easy Installer will outlast the lifespan of most heat pumps.

Our damper is also equipped with an adjustable UV-resistant end cap. By utilising its patented turning mechanism for suspension alteration, every installation job will become a breeze, without expending quality for flexibility. 

  • 10mm (approximately 0.4″) adjustable end cap
  • 302 spring in stainless steel
  • Nuts and bolts in stainless steel
  • UV-resistant end cap
  • Spring height: 74-84mm (approcimately 2.9-3.3″)
  • Spring diameter: 46mm (approximately 1.8″)
  • Wire diameter: 5mm (approxiamtely 0.2″)
  • Spring rate: 20-40kg (approximately 44-88lb) 
  • Amount in a set: 4pcs
Standard 80kgMatte1429910080kg74mm10mm
Standard 120kgMatte14299101120kg79mm10mm
Standard 160kgMatte14299102160kg84mm10mm
Extreme 80kgPolished1429910380kg74mm10mm
Extreme 120kgPolished14299104120kg79mm10mm
Extreme 160kgPolished14299105160kg84mm10mm
Black Edition 80kgBlack1429910680kg74mm10mm

Easy Installer Standard

Easy Installer Extreme

Easy Installer Black Edition